Hometown Tire & Auto

Customer Testimonials

The guys at Hometown Tire & Auto treated me great .Got my car fully serviced at a pretty nice discount. My car returned as clean as I gave it to them. Matt absolutely went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and educated about my car. Finally a good auto shop that's not looking for the hit em and run. Im forever a loyal customer .Thanks Matt & Dave.
H . Riley
Thanks to Nuno at Hometown Tire and Auto! My daughter had a break down with her cavalier -Nuno sent one of his technicians, Eric, out to my house. He discovered she had broken a drive belt. Instead of trying to tow the car to the shop and replace parts that were not needed he left and returned with the belt for my daughter's car and did the job on the spot . I really appreciate all the help guys, keep up the good work!
Ann Myers
Had my car to several shops and no one could figure out my stalling problem. Tried Hometown auto and these guys actually found a broken wire in the computer's wiring harness.
I've thrown lots of money at this problem at multiple shops, multiple times. Dave had my car fixed in a few hours! And the price was right on! You guys made a customer and a believer in me.
Kendel Hunter