Hometown Tire & Auto


About Us

Hometown Tire formed in 2012, is a privately owned and operated auto repair facility.  We are dedicated to EXCEPTIONAL customer service, customer education (we will explain in detail how it works, why it went bad and how we can prevent it), cost effective repairs and auto maintenance.
We provide dealer quality service in all aspects of our business EXCEPT price.
Our friendly staff from front to back is highly trained and certified to accommodate all your automotive needs and questions.
How can we keep our prices cost effective for our customers? That's simple!
WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE  so instead of charging you the customer the "franchise fee" and make no mistakes, you the customer pay this every time you use any franchise.
We put the saving directly in your pocket.
Hometown Tire & Auto offers the SAME, or in some cases a BETTER warranty on all of our work.
There is actually no difference in the Auto Technicians or service providers that will be performing the work on your vehicle versus the dealer or high priced FRANCHISE technicians . All are trained, certified, and are enrolled in a constant continuing education program so they can stay on the very top of the automotive repair industry.
So why pay more?